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Hurricane Ida has moved through the country, leaving varying levels of devastation in her wake. The devastation of downed trees, flooded areas, and other debris are just the beginning of the story. Many have evacuated, and the storm left 1 million residents of Mississippi and Louisiana without power. Areas of New York have been flooded and there has been flooding throughout the path of the storm. Central Park in New York received 7.1 inches of rain, and Newark New Jersey received 8.4. Average temperatures in Louisiana and Mississippi range in the 80′s and 90′s, with heat indexes in the high 90’s, which causes the National Weather Service to issue heat advisories. While officials are trying to restore power as quickly as possible, they warn that it may take weeks for power to be restored. Generators are particularly helpful in providing temporary power and air conditioning. FEMA has sent 200 generators to Louisiana, and more are expected.

Without electricity, there is no air conditioning in residences, businesses, or even the emergency shelters. Hospitals, nursing homes, police and fire departments are all without power. Vehicles and generators will run out of gas as gas pumps need electricity in order to pump fuel, and lack of power to appliances will lead to food spoilage and equipment damages. Currently, more than half the stations are out of fuel and others don’t have electricity to pump fuel. Cell phones will lose power and water treatment plants will be affected as well. This leaves people without air conditioning, water, transportation and communication. The relief agency World Central Kitchen is already preparing to serve 50,000 meals a day for weeks on end. Those who evacuated have been told to stay away until things are more normal, which brings up an interesting scenario which can readily apply to future storms as well.

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