Today is National Insurance Awareness Day. Although the origin of its designation is unknown, it is observed each year on June 28th to serve as a reminder to review your insurance policies and make sure your coverage needs are met and that everything is up-to-date.

Insurance provides financial security related to property, life and health matters. Over time, property values change, life and health situations evolve, small businesses grow, and natural disasters occur.

The day is an excellent time to not only review your current policies, but also to learn more about the types of policies that are available, and to do some comparison shopping.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Are your building, equipment and vehicles adequately covered should you suffer a total loss? Building values increase over time so you should evaluate what your home or building would cost to replace in today’s market.
  • Evaluate your current personal property – did you purchase any big items that are not covered?
  • Should you increase any of your deductibles for financial advantages?
  • Has your family changed? Has it increased, or have family members moved away?
  • Do you need flood or earthquake coverage?
  • Are you planning to move or purchase additional property?
  • Has your job situation changed and should you consider increasing your life insurance or covering any family members, such as children or grandchildren?
  • Do you have pets?
  • Did you add any outdoor living or recreational space that might not be covered by your current policy?
  • Did you purchase a motorcycle, ATV, or other motorized vehicle not covered by your current policy?
  • Have your financial assets increased, and is your current life insurance, homeowners, or business insurance adequate?
  • Do you plan to purchase a new vehicle or home? You might want to look into the insurance costs before purchase.
  • Are you planning any large entertainment or special events that might increase your risk?

The list could go on and on. This is just a good day to take current stock of your insurance coverages and determine if you would have adequate coverage in a worst case scenario. No matter where you reside, it could be difficult to replace everything you own if disaster struck. So take some time to review your current policies in view of your financial condition and see if it’s time to make some changes.